The human species is operating nowhere near its potential.
Inefficiency is everywhere and the rate of advancement is minimal compared to what is possible.


An efficient, advanced human civilization, out conquering the galaxy and unlocking the secrets of the universe.

Omnidyne is committed to the preservation and advancement of humanity, with the ultimate vision of enabling the human race to expand out across the galaxy and unlock the secrets of the universe. This mission originates from my personal motivation in life combined with a complete dissatisfaction in the current state of human society. I believe our species contains the raw potential to create and discover things we can not even begin to imagine. After years of hearing constant talk about the possibilities the future holds, I began to realize and eventually came to the conclusion that it is mostly only talk with minimal action and results taking place to back it up. In fact, if you take a purely objective view, in many areas things appear to be getting worse with time. I will not tolerate living in a world where humanity progressively degrades into oblivion when we could be out exploring and conquering the stars. In nature things are either in a state of growth or decay, what could be more important than advancing forward and evolving into something greater?


My, and by extension Omnidyne’s, focus is on optimizing critical components of human society so this vision eventually becomes reality. Virtual Computers are the starting point; they are designed to last forever and maintain high performance forever. In turn they maximize the utilization of all resources involved, significantly improving how computing is done and increasing the efficiency of society. We are relentlessly working on developing the systems, all of our users will receive free performance upgrades as they are deployed. Our promise to you is to provide the most value possible, if we aren’t improving the lives of individuals it is impossible to improve civilization.

Thank you for your time, I hope you join us on our mission.


Michael MacDonald